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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  February 7, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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and sleep train's love your mattress guarantee. sleep train's presidents day sale is on now. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ each other's best friend. >> very close and died together. >> only on abc7~news, mother shares her grief after a deadly fight in the north bay. the backyard brawl happened this morning on coal drive in pa rein city. left two family members dead. cornell bernard is live with the latest. ow talked to the mother of one of the victims. >> reporter: i did. this mom says she is desperate for answers about her son's death. another man also killed. one man wounded, now in the hospital. she is comforted by friends moments after learning her son,
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29-year-old cook, had been killed. >> i don't know who did this to my son. my son was a good guy. and i don't know why -- >> she says he and his father-in-law were killed. >> they were very close, two peas in a pod. >> she says the two may have tried to enter veep in a domestic dispute. >> there was some type of fight taking place here involving persons armed with bats, knives, sticks. >> that fight ended in gunfire, leaving another man wounded. >> two lives lost here. >> it's sad. two very nice guys. just hard to understand. >> family friend, is shocked by the senseless crime. >> would not have a very good super bowl sunday in marin city. >> does appear to be an isolate incident. >> detectives still piecing details of the crime together. meantime a mother grieves for
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her son who leaves behind a wife and two young daughters. >> my son was only 29 years old. this stuff on the streets has to top, today, right now. >> reporter: in marin city, abc7~news. >> san francisco police are searching for two cars involved in a pop road rage shooting today around 11:30 this morning near silver of and they university street. i'ves say a white lexus hit someone on a scooter while trying to escape gunfire from the eye car. both drivers took off. the person on the scooter went to the hospital but is expected to recover. new individual of video from a viewer shows the ferocity of the firey car crash that left three people deed. chp responded three minimum driving recklessly in a white chevrolet. the driver led chp on a brief chase. the chp says the stopped the pursuit for safety ropes when the car gap speeding and running
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red lights. the chevy crashed into a cab and then a light pole and burst into flames. >> we don't no if there was alcohol involve. >> emergency crews found two burned bodies inside the car. the third person was ejected from the vehicle. the taxi driver suffered moderate injuries. caltrans is keeping on eye on possible corrosion in the yerba baney tunnel. a chunk of concrete fell into bath of a driver last month. the car blew other tire but a the man was not hurt. the agency is concerned but a it's been working to fix corrosion found on the anchor rods in the eastern span's tower. happening now. super bowl 50 is underway at levi's stadium, and wayne freedman is in the middle of it in santa clara. wayne, a lot of excited fans
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there. >> reporter: good afternoon, i'm not in the middle anymore. the middle is over my shoulder. you can see levi's stadium and ski a little crowd outside. these are people who are just here for the sake of being here. you should have been here earlier, though. that whole area, you're looking at now, was filled. most any day of the week people go out of their way to avoid crowds. that was not the case at levi's stadium today. >> you came here for this. >> just for the atmosphere. >> the atmosphere, traffic jam, bumper to bumper. >> yes. >> bumper to bumper, hip to hip, the super bowl experience before the super bowl. a melting pot, it's history. itself was expensive, too. >> just curious, what did this trip cost you? >> at 10k. >> way too much. >> what's way too much. >> i can't tell you. >> don't want to know or don't want to tell me. >> you don't want to know. >> early on some fans didn't
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know that they'd spend yet. >> never been to one. >> when is the best time to buy a super bowl ticket. >> between 3:00 and gametime. >> what you what do you pay. >> face value, maybe less. i'm willing to wait until half time. >> how much at halftime. >> they can't be face value because you're only getting half of the game. >> as we come back to a live picture, the $64,000 -- or maybe the $1,500 question, did those guys get in? they were supposed to call us and give us the word but we didn't hear from them. the good news for emthey're not outside, so we're going to guess they made it. live outside levi's stadium, abc7~news. >> thanks a lot. unprecedented security measures are in place right now to protect everyone at the super bowl. thousands of heavily armed federal, state, law enforcement are patrolling levi's stadium and security zone around immigrant. authorities are making themselves very visible.
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undercover teams we're not seeing are also looking for trouble. so far no incidents reported. abc7~news was in san francisco's union square this morning as people started boarding shuttle buses to get to the super bowl. all the buses caused some traffic congestion. the nfl chartered 400 buses to get 20,000 people to the game. 6,000 people took caltrain to the stadium. caltrain increased its parking fee to $20. passengers should expect heavy outbound traffic after the game and vta says it cared nearly 8,000 people to the game and expecting 12,000 passengers. all passengers had to prepurchase their fare and have proof of a super bowl ticket. you're looking live at the visa everywhere camera over super bowl city. crews started to break down the all things nfl and super bowl 50 events a couple hours ago. today's crowd was significantly smaller than the last few days,
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as was expected. super bowl city reached capacity twice over the weekend, once on friday, during the one direction concert and one last night when alicia keyes performed on stage they expect the plaza to be back normal by friday. >> fond memory or good riddan, we get a review of super bowl city on the final day. also coming up at 5:00, how chipotle's health scare will affect service there tomorrow. >> what at end to the weekend, lots of sunshine. record warmth in spots and even warmer air is going to arrive tomorrow. looking at the mild
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scare today for people on a unite flight depart san francisco. the windshield cracked as the plane was heading for japan. it happened two hours into the flight. the plane returned safely to sfo before 2:00 this afternoon. you fighted doesn't know why the windshield cracked. it's putting passengers up in hotels tonight and will fly them out tomorrow. if you're planning on having chip poetly for lunch tomorrow you have to wait. they will close the u.s. locations from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on monday. they will be training workers on fastfood safety following an e.coli outbreak last year. >> help is on the way for bay area crab fisherman who have been knob to work because of tainted crab. tomorrow and tuesday the small business administration will be at the santa cruz yacht harbor to help crab fisher moan apply for low-interest loans to pay for expenses. it was supposed to open in
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september but an algae bloom made them unsafe to identity. how bart made history this weekend, and a warmer weather is just beginning. meteorologist drew tuma well let us know how long that's going to last. now a look at what is head on abc's world news at 5:30. >> coming up, just two days to the new hampshire primary, and the aftershocks from the firey republican debate. also, we'll tell you about a possible senior scam. the hunt for two young women targeting retirement homes, and a double-decker bus exploding on the london bridge. the terror scare that
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tourists were giving glowing reviews of super bowl city while
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lots of locals were happy too bid it farewell. tiffani wilson has a look at the last day of super bowl city. >> reporter: super bowl city now plays second struck to super bowl sunday, but visitors and locals say the temporary fan village was the perfect setup to the big game. >> this has been fantastic. i couldn't be anywhere else right now. >> it's been awesome. really a lot of accommodating fans, everybody showed me around the city. had a great time. feel like it's the 49ers-broncos super bowl. >> it's impressive. i like to come down here when nobody is here. >> despite the novelty they ready for the city to go back. >> to it's presuper bowl state. >> today isous last chance to get a picture in front of the big super bowl 50 signs. at 3:00 it all starts coming down. >> they did a great job for everything, security, traffic
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control, everything. >> san francisco wins with super bowl city. now it's a question of, which city will win super bowl 50. in san francisco, tiffani wilson, abc7~news. >> bart's record number of passengers yesterday as people streamed to various super bowl event. a spokesperson says more than 419,000 people took bart, breaking the previous weekend day record by 100,000 riders. parking what free today at bart lots. >> twitter is blowing up with super bowl tweets. the chp posted this picture of the blue angels. and mike shumann tweeted this picture of the media workroom, a busy place right now. and astronaut scott kelly tweeted he hosted a super bowl party on the space station but no one showed up. he says he would have served nachos. post your photos or videos and
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we may show them on the air or abc7 using the hash tag. and just as promised, it's a gorgeous day for football. here's drew tuma. >> it's beautiful we'll see self days like this, sunshine and temperatures above normal. live doppler 7hd, not a cloud in the sky. it's on the quiet side. so take you outside on this sunday evening, a live look from the abc7~news camera atop the exploratorium at pier 15, baby blue skies and tranquil weather pattern. we had a couple of records, specifically in oakland-both at the airport and the museum. both hitting a high of 74, besting their old high in 1963. out there right now, it is certainly mild. a lot of spots in the 70s. san jose, 7 4. santa clara, 75. 68, san francisco, 65 napa. nice and mild at 71.
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so we'll break down your monday for you. quiet as could be early on. a cool spot, most spots starting owl -- warming up to to the nix. >> 's and by 4:00, most spots well above normalling this time of the year. so the records for monday, san jose, forecasting a high of 77. that would beat the old record of 75 set in 1987. oakland and san francisco, your records are safe. in the mid-and-upper 70s. but napa, forecasted high of 75, beats the old record of 73, and livermore, high tomorrow to pete your old record of 71. future tracker temperature shows you on tuesday, we could have even warmer temperatures than that. future tracker temperatures, it's hinting at areas in the south bay may touch the lower 80 can do mark. so warm air to start off the new work and school week. tonight, plenty of stars out.
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very mild start. creates a launching pad for the record highs. so we'll start on the microclimate in the south bay. 77 tomorrow san jose, new record. 76 sunnyvale, 78 gilroy. along the peninsula, 73, sack san mateo. 70 in downtown san francisco tomorrow. ten degrees above normal. 64 the high in daly city. and 77 santa rosa. 73 vallejo. 70 sausolito. east bay, 74 the high in oakland. 73 castro valley, and inlanding sunshine. 73 pittsburg, and 72 for walnut creek. unfortunately this is very warm pattern the next seven days, does not come with any rainfall unfortunately and february is one our top two wettest months in the bay area so not good to see this pattern put hopefully the second half of the mock will see the wet weather kick in. tomorrow, records likely across many cities in the the bay area.
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sunny and warm on tuesday. a couch touch cooler on tuesday, alight chance of the shower in the north bay but be don't have a number on it. saturday and sunday, partly cloudy skies and temperatures still above normal. so tomorrow, gert ready for record heat. >> good job. we like it. thank you vue much. rick quan is here with a preview of sports. there's also football fame going on. >> we should personally thank all you viewers out there who are actually watching is. there is other things going on today besides the super bowl. we have nba highlights and you'll hear from the relatives of
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>> o. january 9, 197, kenny stabler led the raiders to a victory over the vikings. has night the man nicknamed the sustaining would elected to the football hall of fame. his grandson said he was the pest man he ever knew. >> never turned down an autograph, very special. loved football. that was life for him. >> in my opinion just the ideal man, just respectful to everyone. had so much love for everyone. just my role model and my ideal man who i wanted to be later on in life. >> another bay area figure, former 49ers opener ed tee bartolo, jr. was elected to the hall. he was known for being an owner who was close to his hiss players and took good care of
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him. so his choice of his daughter to make his daughter lisa give the induction speech was a surprise. >> i'm completely honored he did. i think he would have a hard time choosing a form are player to induct him so maybe i was just the natural choice to do it. i'm very honored. >> while the 49ers have a nice new stadium to play in, the same cannot be said for the oakland raiders. last night team owner mark davis talked.the future of the silver and black. >> we're the oakland raiders right now. wore working on the extension of the lease at the:seem. >> any possibility of you sharing the levi's stadium. >> i don't believe so. we weren't going to play there one game this year but the broncos took our place. >> wishful thinking, steph curry
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was carolina on his mind. he banged the keep bounding drum for be super bowl. the clipperes have been on a roll, taking on the heat. wade lays it up and in. take one more look. he scored 17 points. l.a.'s chris vols started off 0-9 from the floor but finished with a game-high 22. and seven assists, this one to jordan. clippers win 100-93. the austin magic went down to the wire in orlando, down by three with 50 seconds left. atlanta ties it up. but orlando with a little magic at the end at nick viewing victim scores. 94-90 the final. he had 22-points and nine rebounds, and there's a game being played at levi's stadium. at the half, carolina trails
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denver 13-7. the defensed have dominated the game. the broncos' only touchdown came from a fumble recovery in the end zone. that seem to be the story. cam newton was supposed to be able and run and take off but so far the denver defense has ken him bottled up. >> he looks a little tight. in fact both teams like tight. >> a. >> he hasn't been able to break loose with the big runs he is used to. >> as hards a he throws, when his passes are off he could hurt somebody. >> he could. >> thanks. let talk about frisky felines. they take to the football field to help their friends get adopted. highlights from kitten bowl iii.
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announcersave up to $300train's on beautyrest and posturepedic, get three years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic, plus same day delivery. sleep train's presidents day sale is on now. coupling up another 6:00, the bay area loses a musician whose work was revered but never broke through to a mass
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audience. high-speed rail dragged back to court eight years after voters approved a track from san francisco to l.a. that at 6:00. cat lovers, we have a little feline football action for you, too. >> super cute. >> yes, super cute is right for these kitties. they pounced on to the fred iron for the kitten bowl. the felines took on boomer's cats who released a mechanical mouse. look at the scratch potion. this brings awareness 0 to animal adoption. >> so cute. >> thunder cats. >> so stylish. >> thank you. that does it for us herary 5:00. thank you for your time. thank you for inviting us into your homes. see you right bang here for abc7 chance -- abc7~news at 6:00.
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welcome to "world news tonight". just two days till the new hampshire primary, and that fiery republican debate. tonight, the aftershock. can rubio rebound following that bruising night? >> he doesn't have the experience to be president of the united states. >> and trump trying to silence jeb. >> let me talk. quiet. >> who will survive this critical primary? all out. the democrats on the move. hillary clinton in flint. bernie sanders, live in new york. terror scare. the double-decker bus. and the explosion on a london bridge. who didn't get the warning about this movie moment? senior scam? the hunt tonight for two young women targeting retirement homes, claiming to be raising funds for a school trip, and getting away with stacks of cash. and, on thin ice.


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